HelloEden is Now Knowell:
To Know Your Body is to Knowell

Do you feel it?  There’s been a shift.  The light is changing, the air is warming.  Now feels like the perfect time for renewal and refreshment.  With that, we would like to reintroduce ourselves as Knowell.  What hasn’t changed is the same hormone wellness supplement you know and love, Co-founders that strive to elevate you, and an amazing community of women that share your struggles and successes.

Knowell Product

We truly can not thank you enough for your support since we launched HelloEden in September of 2019.  In that time, we have hustled to grow our business, battled through a global pandemic, and ushered two babies into toddlerdom along the way.  Most importantly, we have come to better understand our community and what is important to you.

Knowell encompasses our core values of:

  1. a product to enhance your wellness through the lens of balanced hormones
  2. evidence based information to help you understand your body better 

Hormones are the most powerful manifestation of the mind/body connection.  Hormones link functions to feelings and vice versa.  Understanding your body’s reproductive abilities, your cycles, and what makes you tick is empowering!  Gone are the days when we don’t discuss things like PMS, infertility, menstruation, miscarriage, postpartum, female libido, PCOS, and all things related to a woman’s body and her health.  To know yourself and to know your body is to Knowell.

Perhaps we'll always have a soft spot for HelloEden.  Afterall, she made a great first impression.  Yet, we are excited to step into the next chapter of maturation.  We will have more exciting developments to share with you soon. 

With Love and Gratitude,

Katie and Pete 

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