Know better. Nourish better. Live better.

We’re here to help you improve your relationship with your hormones. When they’re in balance, you become unstoppable.

Our Mission

For far too long, hormones have been saddled with an unfair reputation. 

Acne? Hormonal. Mood swings? Hormones strike again. Weight gain? Well, you get the picture.

Sure, these symptoms may arise when hormones fall out of balance. But what if we told you that, under the right conditions, hormones can also bring forth the best version of you?

We’re determined to tell that side of the story.

We believe hormones are a biological masterpiece. Every day, dozens of these chemical messengers unite with your cells, regulating your moods, metabolism, energy levels, and more.

Healthy hormones are key if you want to move through life with energy, strength, and high spirits. They deserve to be celebrated, yet that rarely happens.

Our purpose is simple: We want to give women the tools to honor and care for their hormones every day.

Knowell’s daily supplement gives you the nutritional foundation for hormone balance, while our content library helps you become the authority on your own hormonal health.

Knowledge is the first step to wellbeing; nourishment comes next. We’re here to be a trusted friend on both fronts, for all women who want to work with their hormones, not fight against them.

This We Promise You


Our daily supplement helps women get the most out of their healthy lifestyles by supporting optimal hormone balance.


We’re committed to creating the purest, most effective supplements possible—and we’ll always be transparent about what’s inside each bottle.


We’re passionate about science and ancient medicine, and we share our wisdom so women can own their hormonal health.


Our products and platform serve women of all ages, during all stages of life—from the teen years through to postmenopause and all in between.

Katie Fitzgerald
Meet our Founder

Katie Fitzgerald

MS Clinical Nutrition, NYU

I became a nutritionist out of a desire to help women live happier, healthier lifestyles. Working in private practice in New York City, I listened to so many women describe their frustrations and challenges—symptoms they couldn’t make sense of and results they weren’t reaching in spite of their best efforts. 

I was also surprised to observe that many women were woefully undereducated about the importance of hormone health, reproductive function, and how these things impact overall health..

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Pete Boyles
Meet our Founder

Pete Boyles

I’ve been asked the same question a hundred times since developing Knowell: “Why is a guy interested in women's hormone health?” That’s a real shame, considering we’re referring to the welfare of half the population. Admittedly, women's health wasn't exactly a common topic of conversation growing up.  At school and beyond, health ed was split by gender—your own inner workings were supposedly all you needed to worry about. However, knowing what I know today, only being told half of the story is a flawed approach.

Growing up, I was lucky enough to be surrounded by strong women. However, it wasn’t until first meeting my wonderful co-founder, Katie, that my interest in women's health blossomed..

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